Movement 7 - AQi Fzono - Chronicle (CD)

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  3. ヤビツブログ. 琴線に触れた物を紹介するブログです。日々のあれこれを綴るぞ。.
  4. Movement 6 7. Movement 7 8. Movement 8 All tracks: composed & arranged by Aqi Fzono. SOLO PILOT: Aqi Fzono - - varied analog and digital keyboards, - pipe organ, spinet, piano; theremin With: Ashra - percussion Madame Juju - guitars Janis Bradley - vocalizes & Fzono Symphonic Ensemble Produced & conducted by Aqi Fzono.
  5. AQi Fzono - Chronicle Movement 3 - Duration: 9 minutes, 35 seconds. views; 1 year ago; AQi Fzono - Cosmology Part 5 - Duration: 4 minutes, 50 seconds. views; 1 year ago; Language.
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  7. Apr 13,  · The “hydraulic city” of Angkor, the capitol of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia, experienced decades-long drought interspersed with intense monsoons in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries that, in combination with other factors, contributed to its eventual demise. The climatic evidence comes from a seven-and-a-half century robust hydroclimate reconstruction from tropical southern Vietnamese.
  8. Last year, he was guest artist on the No.1 Best-Selling CD album in Japan, Aqi Fzono's Cosmology. Eric Ross was a friend of Theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, and electronics pioneer Robert Moog. In , he met and played for the inventor of the instrument, Professor Lev Termen. He's drawn inspiration from them to continue developing the.
  9. On this CD, he is assisted by Ashra on percussion, Madame Juju on guitars and Janis Bradley on soprano vocals. There is also orchestra and choir, lending an epic grandeur to the work. The nearest comparison would be to Vangelis’s Mythodea, but this work is more experimental, less sober and serious sounding than that work, and is also frothing with influences from a wide range of artists and .

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