氾 Expanse

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  1. Notice: I'll be updating the information in the next weeks. It'll be broken occasionally. Input may be: U+, U+AC - codepoint; , c3a9, EB - codepoint as hex. (When hex is decodable as UTF8, such as c3a9 for U+E9, we add such a link)&#;, ➨ - numeric HTML entities String with any characters, e.g. ㋛ ☺ ㋡.Will link to constituent characters (used when input isn't.
  2. Here our young men enjoyed, as they supposed, a glimpse of American society, which was distributed over the measureless expanse in a variety of sedentary attitudes and appeared to consist largely of pretty young girls, dressed as for a fête champêtre, swaying to and fro in rocking-chairs, fanning themselves with large straw fans and enjoying.
  3. 古代エジプトの繁栄は,ナイル川の毎年の氾(はん)濫(らん)によってもたらされる豊かな土壌によるものであった。 Although Kawanakajima at that time was an expanse of swampland through which a few rivulets flew and of barren land, its soil, being sediments from flood, was rich and produced rice crop.
  4. Section 11 – Da Qin (Roman territory/Rome) The kingdom of Da Qin 大秦 [Ta Ch’in] = Roman territory. The use of the exalted name “Da Qin” (literally, ‘Great Ch’in’ = ‘Great China’) for a .
  5. ["一"] = "one; single; a; (before verbs) as soon as, once; (before a noun) entire (family, etc.)", ["丁"] = "4th heavenly stem; man; people; little cube; surname.
  6. similar documents 【あす楽】【中古】 《良品》 KONICA MINOLTA AF DTmmF pdf KB.
  7. neaka > 現場を離れると勘を取り戻すまで一層運が落ちていることでしょうww (05/01 ) syuuka > とりあえず、フツーには運あったみたい^^; D最低ランクだけど、防具上下2SET、GET!.
  8. Anthony > magic story very thanks trazodone no script The Spanish lender has appointed Citigroup and UBS as.
  9. predicted the overflow amount of pluvial floodwater, the expanse area and the onset of discharge, clarified the behavior of rainwater in the sewer system for five rainfall events. It is important that engineers should consider the adequate difference interval of rainfall events in analysis.

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