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  1. Faithless definition, not adhering to allegiance, promises, vows, or duty: the faithless behavior of Benedict Arnold. See more.
  2. Faithlets is a handcrafted, Christian jewelry company whose designs remind you how important, loved, and connected you are so you can live changed.
  3. Jul 06,  · Supreme Court: State 'Faithless Elector' Laws Constitutional The decision could directly affect the election, which will take place in November amid a pandemic and a partial economic tisrcastprepnimulfecattamadogscandio.coinfo: Nina Totenberg.
  4. Jan 31,  · Faithless were Maxwell Frazer AKA Maxi Jazz (Conscious Rap) Ayalah Bentovim AKA Sister Bliss (Music) Roland Armstrong AKA Rollo (Producer, Music). Many of the songs are sung by Pauline Taylor. Jamie Catto was originally part of the group but left after the release of the second album "Sunday 8PM".
  5. A prime house-pop group and consistent club act, Faithless is at its core a duo of producers Rollo and Sister Bliss. Rollo had produced a previous club hit ("Don't You Want Me" as Felix in ) and Sister Bliss, a piano and violin prodigy from the age of five, converted to acid house in , and quickly became one of the U.K.'s best house DJs.
  6. Faithless isn't the same first of all, I should point out that TSatS and Faithless are very different—The Sorceress and the Squid was an upper middle grade style fantasy that was reminiscent of Narnia and the like. a pure delight. fun. light. /5.
  7. faithless, disloyal, and traitorous mean not being true to something that has a right to a person's loyalty. faithless is used when a person breaks a promise or pledge to .
  8. Faithless' signature Progressive House/Trance stylings straddle clubland and the pop-approving mainstream. A U.K.-based outfit that started primarily as a union between producers Rollo and Sister Bliss in the early '90s, Faithless later expanded to include two vocalists who helped to earn the group international attention with the singles "Salva Mea," "Insomnia" and "Reverence.".

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