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  1. hello darlings since opening our doors in , rollo wine bar has been a firm favourite of our fabulous edinburgh locals. we are an intimate and quirky wine bar that boasts not only lovingly hand picked wines by the glass but an eclectic mix of beautifully presented bites, bowls, plates and sides influenced by flavours from across the world and served tapas style.
  2. Nov 08,  · Rollo (l. cc CE, r. CE) was a Viking chieftain who became the founder and first ruler of the region of Normandy. He converted to Christianity as part of a deal with the Frankish king Charles the Simple ( CE) in CE (changing his name to Robert) and his story was then embellished upon by later Christian writers who held him up as a role model: a savage Viking chief Author: Joshua J. Mark.
  3. Rollo (ヒポクラテス, Hipokuratesu, Hippocrates) is a lazy hippo villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name is possibly a reference to Rollo of Normandy. His Japanese name, Hippocrates, is a pun on the word "hippo" and the name of the Greek physician, Hippocrates. Rollo is a bluish-gray hippopotamus with orange eyelids and tipped hooves. He has flaring nostrils (as most of the Appearances: AF, AF+, AC, AFe+.
  4. Clive Standen, Actor: Vikings. Clive Standen is a British actor, he was born on a British Army base in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, and grew up in the East Midlands in England. He went to school at King Edward VII School (Melton Mowbray) followed by a performing arts course at Melton Mowbray College. In his late teens, Standen was an international Muay Thai Boxer.
  5. Rollo (ルル Ruru, "Lulu") is the cat of Ludger and Julius Will Kresnik in Tales of Xillia 2. He is also a dear friend of Elle Mel Marta and leads the group of cats that is sent to gather items. Rollo is originally introduced in the Trigleph apartment of Ludger and Julius. It is shown that if Ludger responds to Elle that Julius is Rollo's owner in a skit, Julius tells her that he found Rollo Age: 3.
  6. ROLLO Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer – Compatible with Etsy, eBay, Amazon - Barcode Printer - 4x6 Printer - Compare to Dymo 4XL out of 5 stars 3, Fanfold 4"x6" Direct Thermal Labels, Labels, Perforated, White Mailing Postage Address Labels Compatible with Zebra , Rollo, UPS, FedEx, Amazon.
  7. Nov 17,  · Vikings has seen a lot of battles, deaths, and betrayals, and one of the most untrustworthy characters has been Rollo Sigurdsson, played by Clive Standen, who left the series after season 5. Ragnar’s older brother has been at the core of drama since season 1, and he left the show in season 4 only to come back on the second part of season 5 - and then he left tisrcastprepnimulfecattamadogscandio.coinfo: Adrienne Tyler.
  8. Gisla of the West Franks is the daughter of the Emperor Charles and his most trusted adviser. She is also married to Rollo and mother of William, Marcellus and Celsa. In the episode Paris, we are first introduced to Duchess Gisla who is the daughter of the Emperor Charles of Frankia. Gisla is no fool nor a puppet and is much more involved than her father can ever be. The city is in a panic as First appearance: Paris.
  9. May 02,  · Therefore, Rollo Lothbrok would not be an accurate use. Rollo the Walker – Origin of the Name “Rollo” The name “Rollo” is assumed to be the latinized version of “Hrólfr”. According to the legend, Hrólfr the Walker was a very large Viking who had to walk since no horse could carry him.

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